Welcome to me

I’m Edi Collins

The Chief Editor of Digital No Idea

I’ve just turned 30 and realised that my life is nowhere near where I want it to be… If you’ve ever found questioning yourself ‘what am I doing with my life?’ and being disappointed with the person you see in the mirror then I think we’ll get along! I have found myself in a complete work life chaos that I’m on a mission to get out of and share my failures and victories that I face on the way.

What’s Digital No Idea?

I’ve been working online for the past 6 years and transitioned from being a virtual assistant to running my own marketing and lead generation agency together with my husband and setting up an office in Lithuania where we are growing our team but that’s another story… I love the idea of Digital Nomads as I’m a big fan of working online and very heavily addicted to travelling, however, I don’t really class myself as one (although I have to admit you’ll find me using #digitalnomads on my IG page). So to be honest, I have no idea how to describe myself which is how the ‘Digital No Idea’ name was born!

What are you talking about?

Marvellous question indeed!

  • Work-life chaos in a form of a true life story
  • The fitness and nutrition journey of a fat, pale and very eager person who wants to get fit again
  • All things digital – tech, startups, software and other things geeky
  • Work and travels of course

Now sit back, relax and get started with my first post Work Life Chaos to get a better feel of what this is all about and maybe you’ll be able to tell me too?